Frequently Asked Questions

strategy WORKSHOPS

Four workshops are recommended for all travelers.  Even the most experienced traveler will gain valuable take-aways from every workshop.  Workshops are:

• Bullseye Packing (30 minutes, complimentary)

• Fundamentals/Intro to Travel Combined (90 minutes)(*)  OR   Fundamentals (60 minutes)(*)

• Intermediate Travel (60 minutes)(**)

• Advanced Travel (60 minutes)(**)

(*)Intro to Travel is for the student, recent graduate, or anyone new to independent travel. Those participants should register for the combined Fundamentals/Intro to Travel Workshop (90 minutes).  There is a short break between the two workshops. 

(*)Average and experienced travelers should register for the Fundamentals Workshop (60 minutes).  International Travel Prep is included first in the Intro to Travel workshop and addresses industry changes brought on by COVID-19,  Therefore, experienced travelers with international travel plans should consider the combined Fundamentals/Intro to Travel Workshop (90 minutes). 

(**)Intermediate (60 minutes) should be taken before Advanced Travel (60 minutes), in that order, to get the best return from the workshops.  

Two is the maximum number of workshops I would take back to back in the same day.  All of the workshops, other than Bullseye Packing, have an extensive amount of information, and it’s best to build in at least one day in between.

Absolutely, travelers repeat workshops to gain updated industry information and/or to build upon skills and strategies put into practice. As with any class, it’s nearly impossible to internalize 100% of the information the first time around.